Turn Off or On Google Chrome Ad Blocker

Google Chrome, the most popular web browser in use today can block intrusive advertisements on web pages you visit on your computer and mobile devices. It is understood that the more advertisements on a web site, the slower the page loads and maybe frustrating to users.

Google Chrome now removes ads from websites that violate the Better Ads Standards. The standards discourage the types of ads that are particularly annoying to people browsing the web daily. To help fix that, Google enables this feature in Chrome.

Now you can enable or disable the ad block feature in your Chrome browser. enabling this feature will greatly enhance your browsing experiencing across sites with too many ads.Chrome intrusive ad blocker is enabled by default, so you won’t see ads on websites that have poor ad experiences, like:

  • Too many ads
  • Annoying ads with flashing graphics or autoplaying audio
  • Ad walls before you can see content

When these ads are blocked, you’ll see an “Intrusive ads blocked” message. Intrusive ads will be removed from the page.

If you don’t mind ads running on websites, you can turn this feature off by doing the following:

Turn off the ad blocker

You can change your settings to enable intrusive ads on all sites. To do that, go to:

Then turn off ad blocker for intrusive sites. Doing this will allow all advertisements on the sites your visit.

chrome ads blocker

Allow ads on specific sites

If you trust a site, you can add an exception to allow ads on that site.

  • On your computer, open Chrome.
  • Go to a page you trust that has blocked ads.
  • To the left of the web address, click Lock Lock or Info Info.
  • To the right of “Ads,” click the Arrows Arrows.
  • Choose Always allow on this site.
  • Reload the webpage.

You should now see advertisements on the site you allow to show ads in your browser.

That should do it!

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