Statamic CMS 2.11.0 Now Available — Here’s How to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 | 18.10

Statamic, a flat file (database-less) content management system (CMS) that helps you build dynamic and beautiful websites and blogs has just been updated to version 2.11.0 with two minor releases.

This release brings huge improvements, new features and some bug fixes. Some of these are: adding events for resetting passwords and sending their corresponding emails, backported the TrimStrings middleware from Laravel 5.7, static caching now includes query strings by default and many more.

If you’re running previous versions of Statamic, you may want to upgrade to take advantage of some of the new features released.

For more about changes added to this release, please visit its changelog page.Below is a list of additional fixes and improvements that were added:

  • A rewrite Bard, replacing MediumEditor with Scribe, which results in a much more consistent writing experience with significantly improved markup.
  • The cache tag can now set an expiry time. (cache for=”1 hour” etc)
  • Added events for resetting passwords and sending their corresponding emails.
  • Backported the TrimStrings middleware from Laravel 5.7. It automatically trims user-input strings.
  • The nav tag can now include the root page (defined in the from parameter)
  • Added a yes_no modifier that function much like a ternary operator.
  • Added a new session tag. Set, forget, and output session data like a champion.
  • The contains modifier now supports strict mode when using arrays.
  • Static caching now includes query strings by default.
  • Full measure static caching now works with query strings.
  • The cache tag is now disabled during Live Preview.
  • Swapped the transliterations package for speakingurl for better international slugification.
  • Fix Grid’s min_rows setting.
  • Give Redactor a sedative (it was jumping around while scrolling sometimes. No more of that.)
  • The esc key now closes modals even better than before. Closes them good.
  • Show some caching settings conditionally. It’s a touch of thoughtful UX designed to save you a few brain cells.

If you haven’t installed Statamic CMS, the two post below should help you.

Installing Statamic with Apache2 Support

If you want to install Statamic with Apache2 support on Ubuntu, then click the link below:

Installing Statamic with Nginx Support

For those who want to install Statamic with Nginx suppport instead, the link below should help:

Upgrading Statamic

If you already have Statamic installed and you wish to upgrade, use the steps below:

The easiest way to update Statamic CMS is via its control panel.

Statamic has an updater in the Control Panel. When updates are available, users with Update permissions will see a badge in the sidebar nav with the number available. Clicking on that badge will take you to a magical, bountiful land flowing with updates and releases.

You can also upgrade manually using the steps below: To upgrade, run the commands below:

sudo ~/.composer/vendor/bin/statamic update

You should see the message below if you’re running the latest…

Determining the latest version of Statamic.
Latest version is 2.10.5

You are already on Statamic 2.10.5

You can also run the commands below to upgrade:

Change into the statamic folder with the newest one.

cd /var/www/html/statamic

Then run php please update:housekeeping to perform any additional tasks that the updater would have taken care of automatically.

sudo php please update:housekeeping

Next, run php please update:addons if you have any addons installed.

sudo php please update:addons

That’s it!

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