How to Turn On or Off Sticky Keys in Ubuntu Linux

This post describes steps one can take to enable or disable sticky keys in Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu Linux comes with a feature known as sticky keys which is there to help people who can’t hold multiple keys on the keyboard at once. For example, to copy a text or files, one can simply use the CTRL + C keys to get it done. However, everyone can do that.

When you enable sticky keys, copying can also be done by pressing the CTRL key, and then the C key to do the same function, without the need to hold down CTRL while pressing the C key.

This helps many people who can’t simultaneously hold multiple keys either by disability or some other form.

This makes keyboard shortcuts easier by pressing each key individually, so you don’t have to hold multiple keys at once.

The sticky key feature has been moved to accessibility settings pane, including many other settings in Ubuntu Linux.

How to turn on or off sticky keys in Ubuntu Linux

As described above, sticky keys can help people who can’t hold multiple keys on the keyboard at once.

Below is how to enable or disable it in Ubuntu Linux.

Ubuntu Linux has a centralized location for majority of its settings. From system configurations to creating new users and updating, all can be done from the System Settings panel.

Alternatively, click on the System menu at the top-right corner of the top bar on your desktop.

On the System menu, select Settings as highlighted below.

In the Settings app, click on Accessibility tile to open the panel.

In the System Settings -> Accessibility panel, under Typing, select Typing Assist (AccessX) to expand.

On the pop-up window, toggle the Sticky Keys switch to On.

To disable, simply toggle the Sticky Keys back to the Off position.

You can also toggle the Enable by Keyboard switch to turn sticky keys on and off from the keyboard.

When this option is selected, you can press Shift five times in a row to enable or disable sticky keys.

That should do it! You can now close the Settings app.


This post showed you how to enable or disable Sticky Keys in Ubuntu Linux. If you find any error above or have something to add, please use the comment form below.