How to Turn On or Off Bluetooth in Ubuntu Linux

This post shows students and new users steps to enable or disable Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux to connect or disconnect from nearby devices.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows your computers, smart phones and mobile devices to connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices nearby.

With Bluetooth enabled in Ubuntu Linux, you can stream music, connect to devices like speakers, headphones, keyboards, mouse, send data and communicate with nearby devices wirelessly with ease.

There are multiple ways to turn On or Off Bluetooth on your computer. Some computers come with a dedicated Bluetooth button that sits on top of the keyboard area, and/or on either side of the computer.

The physical Bluetooth switch on your computer allows you to quickly turn off or turn on your Bluetooth device. There’s also another way to turn off Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux, and we’ll show you how to do that as well.

Disabling and enabling Bluetooth in Ubuntu Linux is something that hasn’t changed much. Similar to previous editions of Ubuntu, the process is still the same.

To get started with disabling and enabling Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux, follow the steps below:

How to turn off or on Bluetooth on Laptop

As we mentioned above, there are multiple ways to turn on or turn off Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux. One way is using your computer Bluetooth button.

If your laptop is equipped with a physical Bluetooth button, you can quickly turn on or off Bluetooth device simply by toggling the button to the On or Off position or tapping it to disable or enable.

How to turn on or off Bluetooth on Ubuntu

If your computer does not have a physical Bluetooth switch or button, then you can turn off or on Bluetooth from within Ubuntu Linux.

When one or more Bluetooth devices are connected, the Bluetooth icon appears in the top system menu. There, you can see icon for volume, network, Bluetooth and few others. The top panel should look similar to the one below:

If you don’t see the Bluetooth signal icon on the top system menu, simply click the System Menu area to show the menu options. On the menu options, select to Turn Off Bluetooth if it’s already On, or Turn On if it’s Off.

You can also bring up the Bluetooth panel from the system menu option. Click Bluetooth Settings open the panel.

To connect to a Bluetooth device, use the panel. Then when a list of nearby Bluetooth devices show up, select the one you want to pair with.

Confirm the Bluetooth connection PIN to pair with other devices.

How to disable or enable Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux

In some situations, you may want to completely disable Bluetooth in Windows, and not just disconnect. You can do that via Bluetooth settings panel.

To disable Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux from the desktop, click on click the “Show Applications” button from the bottom left or press the Super key (WIN) on your keyboard.

On the Activities overview dashboard, start typing Bluetooth in the search box. Select the Bluetooth app to open the panel. From there you can quickly disable and enable Bluetooth by toggling the button to the On or Off position.

That will turn Off or On the Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux. You can now exit the settings panel and you’re done.


This post showed you how to enable or disable Bluetooth on Ubuntu Linux. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.