How to Show Mouse Pointer Location on Windows 11

This post shows students and new users steps to show the mouse pointer location using the CTRL key. If you’re having hard time finding the mouse pointer on your screen, you may want to try this trick.

Windows 11 comes with a standard mouse pointer size and color, which is small and white. The default small size usually isn’t helpful especially for people with poor vision. With the use of wide screens and higher resolutions, it can be difficult to spot the mouse pointer across bigger areas of the screen, or even double screens.

We’re written helpful posts that show users how to increase the size of the mouse pointer as well as change the color to help people with poor visions. You can read these posts here and here.

Showing the pointer location on the screen may also be helpful, and the steps below show you how to do that.

The new Windows 11, when released generally to everyone, will come with many new features and enhancements that will work great for some while adding some learning challenges for others. Some things and settings have changed so much that folks will have to learn new ways to work with and manage Windows 11.

If you’re excited about Windows 11, continue reading our posts on it.

To get started with easily locating your mouse pointer on Windows 11, follow the steps below.

How to find your mouse pointer fast on Windows 11

Windows 11 gives you a fast way to find your mouse pointer by circling it when you hit the CTRL key. Here’s how to set it up.

Windows 11 has a centralized location for majority of its settings app. From system configurations to creating new users and updating Windows, all can be done from the System Settings pane.

To get to System Settings, you can use the Windows key + i shortcut or click on Start ==> Settings as shown in the image below:

Alternatively, you can use the search box on the taskbar and search for Settings. Then select to open it.

Windows Settings pane should look similar to the image below. In Windows Settings, click Bluetooth & devices, select Mouse on the right pane of your screen shown in the image below.

On the Mouse settings pane, under Related settings, click on Additional mouse settings as highlighted below.

On the Mouse Properties screen, select Pointer Options, and check the box for “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key” to enable this feature.

Click OK to save your changes and exit. The next time you want to quickly locate the mouse pointer on your screen, simply press the CTRL key on your keyboard.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to use the CTRL key on your keyboard to locate the mouse pointer on your screen. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.