How to Rename a File or Folder in Windows 11

This post shows students and new users how to rename or change a file or folder name when using Windows 11.

Changing a folder or file name in Windows 11 is not difficult at all. In fact, you could mistakenly change a folder name simply by fast clicking without even knowing it. Simply right-clicking a file or folder will give you an option to rename it.

There are multiple ways to rename a file or folder. You can select a file or folder and click the Rename command on the File Explorer menu, or right-click on the file or folder and select Rename, or scroll to show more options to see the rename command on the context menu.

Granted, the command to change or rename a folder is on the File Explorer menu, and is easily accessible. However, we’re not used to changing file or folder name using File Explorer menu.

There are some things to know about renaming files and folders in Windows 11:

  • When you rename a file or folder, only the name is changed. The content of the file or folder will remain the same.
  • You can not rename a file or folder if it’s opened or being access by a program or another user.
  • You can not use certain characters in the file or folder name. These includes, \ / : * ? ” < > |
  • You can rename multiple file and older simultaneously, but not recommended as all the files and folders will have the same name with a number assigned to each file or folder being with 1.

How to rename a folder in Windows 11

Again as mentioned above, it’s easy to rename a folder. Although additional steps have been added to the context menu when you right-click a folder, you can use File Explorer menu top menu to access the rename command.

Open File Explorer, then select the folder you want to rename. The rename command button is on the File Explorer menu as highlighted below.

When you click the rename command, Windows will highlight the folder name which will disappear as you begin typing a new name.

Type the folder new name. When you’re done, press Enter to save the name.

You could also right-click on the folder you wish to rename, then select the Rename command on the context menu as highlighted.

Or scroll down to Show more options

and select Rename.

How to rename a file in Windows 11

The process to rename a folder and file is the same. The steps above also apply to renaming or changing a file name.

Instead of a folder, select the file you want to rename, and use the rename command to change the file name.

There are other ways to rename a file or folder in Windows 11. You can rename files and folders from the command line as well.

That’s should do it!


This post showed you how to rename a file or folder in Windows 11. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.