How to Pause or Resume OneDrive Syncing in Windows 11

This post shows students and new users steps to pause or resume OneDrive file syncing when using Windows 11. Windows allows you to choose where to save files by default. If you select to save your files and documents to OneDrive, your data will automatically be backed up across multiple devices.

When OneDrive files syncing is enabled and working, your files are backed up in case your PC is ever damaged or lost. However, files must sync between your PC and OneDrive, and syncing can slow down your PC or create other performance issues.

OneDrive will automatically pause syncing of your files when your computer enters in battery saver mode, or when your network connection is metered, or in Airplane mode. It will automatically resume when your computer is in stable condition again or Airplane mode is disabled.

You can also manually pause OneDrive file syncing in Windows 11. If you’re running into some issues with performance, you can temporarily pause OneDrive and resume at a later time when you can use OneDrive again.

If you want to manually pause OneDrive for whatever reason, follow the steps below to do that in Windows 11.

How to pause OneDrive syncing in Windows 11

Again, you can manually pause OneDrive syncing easily from its apps control settings from the Taskbar.

To pause OneDrive sync, look for OneDrive icon on the Taskbar near the notification area. If you don’t see OneDrive icon, click the little up arrow to show the hidden apps.

Then click on Help & Settings as highlighted below.

On the Help & Settings context menu, click on Pause syncing, then select for how long to pause syncing of your files.

Th options are:

OneDrive will automatically pause file syncing of your files for the duration of the time selected.  You’ll know that data isn’t syncing to the cloud because the OneDrive icon will include a “paused” badge.

How to resume files syncing on OneDrive

If you want to resume file syncing with OneDrive, click on the cloud icon again on the Taskbar and select Help & Settings.

On the Help & Settings context menu, select Resume syncing as highlighted below.

OneDrive will connect and begin syncing your files again.

That should do it!


This post showed you how to pause or resume OneDrive file syncing in Windows 11. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.