How to Enable Edge Super Duper Secure Mode

This post shows students and new users how to easily enable the new Microsoft Edge Super Duper Secure Mode (SDSM), which has just been released in the latest Canary build. If you try to do this in the current stable version of Microsoft Edge browser, you’ll be unsuccessful because it’s not there yet.

This feature works by disabling Just-In-Time Compilation (JIT) and enabling new security mitigations, which Microsoft claims are among the most common way that attackers exploit. The JIT feature is meant to render sites faster, but it’s also commonly use as exploit in the browser.

The SDSM improves security by turning off JIT, but may likely impart performance. So you gain security but lose on performance, not sure how much performance since this is a beta, and may likely improve overtime. SDSM disables JIT and enables new security mitigations to provide a more secure browsing experience.

If you want to test SDSM today, you’ll have to download the Canary version of Edge, and the steps below will show you how to do that.

To get started with enabling Microsoft Edge Super Duper Secure Mode, follow the steps below:

How to enable Microsoft Edge Super Duper Secure Mode

Just so you know, you can’t use this feature today in the current stable version of Edge which is the latest version currently installed for all Edge users.

To try this feature today, go to the link below and download the Canary version of Edge. That’s means you’ll have two separate versions of Edge installed on your machine.

On the Download page, select the Canary Channel build as highlighted below:

Once you’ve installed the Canary version, open it, then copy and paste the line below into the URL box and press Enter to open the SDSM settings page.


On the settings page, select Enabled to enable the SDSM mode. Once you enabled, you’ll be prompted to restart the browser.

Click the Restart button to restart to apply the changes.

That’s it! Now go and explore the web and hope you’re safe doing so.


This post showed you how to enable Microsoft Super Duper Secure Mode in Edge Canary. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report.