How to Change Focus Session Alarm Sound in Windows 11

This article describes steps you can take to change the end of focus and break sessions alarm sound in Windows 11.

Focus is a new feature in Windows 11 that helps you minimize distractions. To help you stay on track, it integrates with the Clock app with features like a focus timer and music integration.

By default, after each Focus session, you will hear an alarm sound with a notification letting you know that the session has ended. For long sessions, breaks are included to get you to do other things and recharge or take a bio-break.

After each Focus break session, you will also hear an alarm sound letting you know that the session break has ended.

Users can turn off or on alarms for the end of focus or end of break when using Focus. Users who don’t like the default Tap sound can change it anytime.

Change the alarm sound for Focus end of session and break

As described above, users can completely turn off or on Focus alarms after a session ends or after a break. They can change the alarm tune to something different, and below is how to do that.

These settings can be changed in the Clock app in Windows 11.

To do that, open the Window Clock app.

Click on the Start menu and use the search box to find the Clock app. Under Best match, select the click Clock app to open.

windows search for the clock app on the start menu

Once the app opens, click the Settings button at the bottom left.

windows clock app settings button
windows clock app settings button

On the Clock Settings pane, select both the “End of break sound‘ and “End of break sound” tiles. Expand each tile, and use the dropdown option to select a different Alarm sound.

The default alarm sound is Tap.

windows focus end of session and break alarm sound
windows focus end of session and break alarm sound

That should do it


This post showed you how to change the alarm sound for both the end of session and end of break sound in Windows 11. If you find any error above or have something to add, please use the comment form below.