How to Change Desktop Resolution in Ubuntu Linux

This post describes steps you can take to change your display resolution in Ubuntu Linux.

Your device’s desktop resolution controls the number of items you can see on the screen. The higher the resolution, the more you can fit on a screen and the sharper items appear on the screen.

The resolution is the number of dots, or pixels the monitor displays. You cannot select resolution that are higher than your monitor can support.

Higher resolution will typically display more, but items on the screen appear smaller. Lower resolution on the other hand shows larger items on the screen but less of them.

In most cases, you wouldn’t have to adjust your display resolution, that’s because Ubuntu Linux will automatically choose the best for your monitor.

However, if you decide that the chosen resolution isn’t working for you, you can manually change it, and the steps below show you how.

How to adjust display resolutions in Ubuntu Linux

As described above, Ubuntu Linux allows users to manually change their display resolution. If the default resolution isn’t displaying items properly, go and adjust it, and the steps below show you how.

Ubuntu Linux has a centralized location for majority of its settings. From system configurations to creating new users and updating, all can be done from the System Settings panel.

Alternatively, click on the System menu at the top-right corner of the top bar on your desktop.

On the System menu, select Settings as highlighted below.

In the Settings app, click on Display tile to open the panel.

In the System Settings -> Display settings panel, under Device Display, select Resolution and choose a resolution that fits your needs.

If you have multiple displays and they are not mirrored, you can have different settings on each display. Select a display in the preview area.

When you select a resolution, click Apply.

The new settings will be applied for 20 seconds before reverting back.

 If you are happy with the new settings, click Keep Changes.

That’s should do it! You can now close the Settings app.


This post showed you how to change the display resolution in Ubuntu Linux. If you find any error above or have something to share, please use the comment form below to report.