Cloud Download vs Local Reinstall on Windows 11 Reset

This post shows students and new users some benefits and downsides between Cloud download and Local reinstall when resetting Windows. Windows 11 allows users to reset their PCs in cases where they’re not performing well. In fact, you can read this post on how to reset Windows 11.

During Windows reset, Windows will prompt you to choose how to proceed with reinstalling Windows system files. Your options are: Cloud download or Local reinstall. Many have asked for a little explanation on the two options and what is the best option when they are resetting their PCs.

These are two separate paths to resetting Windows. Each has its own upsides and downsides. They both use different paths to get the same end results – that’s restoring Windows to a new state.

Either option will reinstall Windows on your PC. Whether you’re keeping existing files and folders or completely wiping out your hard drive, whatever option you select, Windows will reinstall system files with new ones.

The question is, will new system files be downloaded from the cloud or existing local files on your system be used to reinstall?

Choose cloud download to reset Windows 11

As mentioned above, when you’re resetting Widows 11, you’re asked to choose either to use Cloud download or Local reinstall to get new system files. If you choose Cloud download, this is what happens.

When you select Cloud download, Windows will download new system files from Microsoft’s servers and use them to re-install Windows on your computer. As noted on the reset screen, the file may be more than 4GB in size.

For users with limited internet or slow connection this option may not be the best way to get Windows reinstalled.

You will want to select the Cloud download option if existing system’s files are corrupt, and can’t be used to reinstall Windows. In that case, using the Cloud download option will get fresh system files on your computer to reinstall Windows.

Choose Local reinstall to reset Windows 11

If Cloud download is not an option when resetting Windows 11, then select the Local reinstall option. When you select Local reinstall, Windows will use the system files already on the computer to reinstall Windows.

For those with limited internet or slow connection might find this option useful. However, if the systems files are corrupt, Local reinstall may not be successful, and Windows will continue to have problems.

So, these are the ups and downs of both options when resetting Windows 11.

Follow the link below to learn how to reset windows 11.

How to reset Windows 11


This post showed you some benefits and downsides of using Cloud download or Local reinstall when resetting Windows. If you find any error above or have something to add, please use the comment form below.