b2evolution 6.10.4 Available — Here’s How to Install / Upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 | 18.04 | 18.10

b2evolution, a refreshingly simple open source content management system has been updated to version 6.10.4 and this brief tutorial shows students and new users how to install or upgrade on Ubuntu 16.04 /18.04 / 18.10

This is a maintenance release to resolve minor bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Some of the changes included with this release include, a new edit/post option in the evobar, enhanced autocomplete when typing @login in comments, info messages float on top of the screen even when page is scrolled down and many more.

For more about this release, please check its release page.

If you haven’t upgraded to b2evolution to the latest release yet, you should plan to do so as soon as possible.Below are more changes introduced with the overall 6.10 major release version

  • b2evo can now send notifications to users if they are mentioned through @username in a comment or a post
  • Links to remind people to log in instead of posting anonymously
  • New UI for quick moderation
  • UI improvements for using the back-office on a mobile phone
  • Additional UI Improvements
  • New Edit/Post option in the evobar.
  • Enhanced autocomplete when typing @login in comments.
  • Ability to insert polls into email campaigns (with links for instant voting)
  • Info messages float on top of the screen even when page is scrolled down.

and many more

We’ve covered installing b2evolution on Ubuntu previously with Apache2 and Nginx support.

Installing b2evolution with Apache2 HTTP Support

For those who want to install b2evolution with Apache2 support, please check the link below:

The above link should help you setup a new blog with b2evolution

Setting Up b2evolution with Nginx HTTP Support

If you want to install b2evolution with Nginx support on Ubuntu instead, then use the link below:

That should get you running b2evolution with Nginx support.

Upgrading Existing b2evolution

There are multiple ways to upgrade b2evolution. and the easiest is via its built-in upgrade too.The built in automatic upgrade feature in b2evolution 5.1 and above.

Navigate to the site dashboard and find the automatic system upgrade feature. make sure to use it to upgrade the site before trying other methods.


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